About Series

Since the date when the first title in the series was published in September 2015, this literary work has continued to mesmerize diverse groups of readers from different corners of the planet. Words to Elate is a collection of  Poetic narratives that covers virtually every known topic on the planet. Its content is relevant to a wide global audience as its derived content stories are relatable to peoples of nearly all ages, genders, cultures and religions, the chapters surely have something for everyone. The book is neither a poem, nor a song(comforting rhythms nor folk tales)  or the common short stories our juniors like, but a wholesome buffet of the these elements of literary art.

The book is partitioned into different categories or titles referred to as agendas, each one has its own different issue to address, the only thing that matters most, or as we would rather say assimilates across the titles is the tone, mood and atmosphere, though the titles have labelled agenda numbers there is no particular order in which the titles are arranged, a reader can begin anywhere, be it from the beginning, from the end, the middle or close their eyes as they pick the titles at random. The author highly recommends that any potential reader picks only one title that interests them the most and leave out the others if needs be. nevertheless your are welcome to peruse the pages of all the titles that are on offer. the choice is yours.