Dazzling Riches

When someone shows off their wealth by adorning their bodies with jewels, driving flashy cars and going on expensive vacations, it sends one message, this fellow is not really rich, he may be owning only a few homes, and therefore tries to show off to his other neighbors  that he is equally rich just as they are by weighing down his body with shiny jewels, if he was really rich, he won’t be showing off this way, really rich fellows never put their wealth to the display, in fact they try to hide it from others, secondly he could be a custodian, a steward in possession of someone’s else wealth, he tries to make the most of it before the true owner returns, or thirdly  he is buying time with his recently acquired wealth, he struck it rich so quickly and profited so immensely that the experience overwhelms him, he simply doesn’t know where to start or what to do, that’s why he stretches his hands into his money bag pulls out a bundle of notes and throws it into the air flying in all directions. This is his way of celebrating success.

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