Hello King James

Silly kids definitely ask silly questions,

“HELLO KING JAMES,” is the name of the Sunday school Jimmy and I went to, as you know it children with their never ending curiosity can be very annoying sometimes especially with their nerdy questions. After all you can’t blame nor punish them for their ignorance, for being unreasonable and finding difficulties understanding simple matters. Thanks to reverend Walter for his great patience with us, he tried his best to answer our enquiries in the most satisfactory way possible which many other Sunday school teachers failed to do, we asked many questions, learned many stories from the old and new testament, sang many songs, played may games, but there is a list of questions asked by my age mates which I will never forget, they shall stick to my mind, to the very last days of my life because they were either so silly, so hilarious, so thoughtful, even adults asked themselves these questions at some point in their lives I believe.

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