Show me Some Lab Ethos


My son was once called a bright boy, our neighbors  told me he is destined for greatness, now he has turned into an evil genius doing things I never imagined he could possibly do, his scientific experiments terrify me, last week I went to the countryside to visit my mother only to come back and find he had dissected all the six new-born puppies, when I asked why he performed such a cruel experiment on my little dogs he claimed that they had an anatomy class where they had been taught all the inner workings of a small being, the supervisor later went ahead and urged them to redo the experiments on their own, they can use whatever small animals they could find around  the house such as rats, “are these rats?” I asked angrily, “you have just killed my puppies, you don’t know what you have done.” When I tried to punish him for his misdeeds, he threatened to leak radiation into my house.

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