Sweep Thy Planet


A young couple turns their backyard into a dumpsite, they dig a hole in their compound upon which they dump both organic and inorganic waste, “we are many kilometers away from the city so we don’t have to pay for expensive truck lifting,” they say unto one another, they come here on a weekly basis to perform their routine dumping, then proceeded to set the litter on fire, with time, the dumpsite grew larger, bigger than the size of their house, the rains that fell heavily on it made the garbage dump and became a breeding ground for all kinds of worms, stench from the decay of organic matter was also very strong, the winds blew it in from the back, staying in the house was unbearable, then came a time and season when the blue and green flies went to visit the family’s dining room, they found them enjoying a worm meal of pork and oats and demanded their share of the food, they made sure they had fully dipped their three pairs of legs into the soup and rolled their bodies onto the crumbs, soon the family becomes ill from unknown disease, one child’s situation was so critical that he had to be hospitalized. When a pediatrician visited their home to assess the situation, at the very first sight of the house compound, he knew what was amiss, he then turned to the owners and said this to them, “you have got to sweep thy planet.”

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