Techno Chimps

Technology has gotten into the hands of the people we least expected, our kids and they appear to be more proficient and advanced than we are, they love all things that are techie, soon their capabilities in this high tech world will surpass that of our own while we sleep. Recently I was shocked to find an eight year old girl who owned a blog which she edited almost twice a week without the help of anyone, even her own parents didn’t help her do it. It gets updated four times faster than my own website which can sometime take a month or more to add new content, with the new opportunities come new dangers, It now appears that child protection will soon become a meaningless phrase  because the children are out there doing things for themselves, “how can we help them when we don’t even know what they are doing?” says a parent, sometimes they end up teaching us new things, when we try to investigate their activities online.

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