The Captain of a Sinking Ship

When running an organization, things go wrong all the time. A lot of managers complain so much about the work they do because every working day of their lives is always a fight for survival. They feel like going to the office every day to try and rescue a sinking ship. Just like seafaring captains, our leaders go through the same kind of struggles every day. Managing a ship, especially a huge tanker or cargo vessel is such an incredible task, first of all, the captain has to make sure all cargo is carefully loaded onto their ship, secondly, they have to meticulously manoeuvre their ships out of the harbor so that it can safely sail into the open waters without sustaining a single scratch on its hull, thirdly they have to constantly watch out for storms when they are deep into treacherous oceans, getting caught up in a storm is a captain’s worst nightmare. Mega waves that are high and powerful enough can very easily tear up the ship’s hull into two pieces. Losing the ship due to damage by bad weather is a constant worry that every seagoing captain has to deal with on a daily basis. There are also threats of fires onboard. The captain has to keep his limited crew running up and down all the time so that they can spot and extinguish any fires that may show up on the ship. Fire hazard destroys precious cargo and can sometimes cause the sinking of the ship if it gets badly damaged. Not forgetting the threats of pirates, the high seas are full of heavily armed and extremely dangerous pirates that are eager to hold the ship, its captain, and crew for ransom. The economic hardships of the twenty-first century have forced certain communities to resort to piracy as a means of sustaining their lives–  

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