We Shall Serve You No More

   Slavery is a sad part of history that a lot of people would rather not want to talk about, they wish it was swept under the rug as the stories are so distressing & so heart wrenching that it would be better if no one ever spoke about this dark past at all. Debates on such topics have created so much division in the society, social tensions are back on the rise. Descendants of those slaves want these issues to be discussed in public squares, they want this history to be fully taught in school curriculums so as not to repeat itself, many still harbor the grievances and pain they inherited from their once subjugated ancestors, they want the society to come clean and atone for the sins of the forefathers. Descendants of slave owners on the other hand would like to keep things on the hush hush, they believe such discussions may create unnecessary friction in the society, they think there is no reason they should be treated with hatred when they weren’t alive at the time, the people who perpetrated those crimes are long gone, why should the innocent be punished for crimes that they never even witnessed themselves? Arguments over this issue keep going back and forth and no-one ever seems to be winning the case against the other.

There is also mention of existence of modern day slavery, right at this very moment, there are estimated tens of millions of people living their lives through some form of modern day slavery, according to International Labor Organization. This number is shocking to many scholars because we thought that we were done away with this negative aspect of human nature a very long time ago. Yes, it is uncomfortable news to many but that is the truth, slavery is still here with us and it looks like its going nowhere.. 


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