Why Can’t We Just Be Good Neighbours?

With world war three looming on the horizon, everyone Is holding their breath and praying hard so that the current tensions on the eastern block do not spill out of control into world war three. The antagonists on both sides are not willing to give an inch of territory, none of them wants to be the first one to blink.

This tense atmosphere brings back the memories of the famous Winston Churchill’s speech in Fulton, Missouri, which went like…”an iron curtain has descended across the continent…” well if Churchill was alive now, he would still say that the iron curtain is still in its old place. The iron curtain Churchill spoke about decades ago is still right there on the spot and is going nowhere.

The days of the Cuban missile crisis are still lingering on when both superpowers each equally armed with a stockpile of lethal weapons were ready to bring an apocalyptic end to the planet earth. Every living day of our lives we hear about wars and rumors of wars. There is not a single year that even passes without hearing about conflict or fierce fighting happening somewhere in the world. How have we come to hate each other so much to the point where peace is a rare anomaly that often interrupts the regular lifestyle of warfare? why do we keep promising peaceful co-existence with our next-door neighbors while we secretly pile our homes with lethal weapons of unimaginable destructive capabilities? These days peace has become so elusive like a wildcat that you only get to catch a glimpse of once in a lifetime.

Right now any kind of direct warfare between the superpowers will surely reduce the globe into nothing but ashes. There will be no survivors in the fight let alone victors. There can be no winners in a nuclear warfare kind of confrontation, all the superpowers know this very well but they still continue squabbling like little infants fighting over a piece of ice cream. Someone needs to talk some sense into the rulers of the world and teach them that fighting does no one any good. it’s in the hands of the United Nations to fulfill its mandate which includes maintaining world peace and security. its predecessor, ”The League of Nations” unfortunately crumbled under mysterious circumstances, so as long as the UN still stands, global citizens have hope in the organization that it will kick into action and do everything it can in its capacity to ensure that things do not deteriorate any further.

Politics isn’t such a dirty game after all, if it really was, would it make the players dirty too? A game is separate from the players that undertake it, isn’t there also greed and corruption in finance, banking, media business, sports and other nonpolitical organizations? The young politician tries to convince the masses that they should perceive him and his other county representatives differently, for they are not the monsters they mistake them to be, “if they were to open their eyes and see the bigger picture, I mean global politics and international affairs, they won’t be criticizing us this way,” he says, “can someone please appreciate our efforts?” He tries very hard to change the public’s perceptions of him and his fellow politicians.

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