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WordsToElate does not share information about customers, affiliate or individuals that login to our website, we do take serious precautions to make sure that any information your share with us on our website is tightly protected and never at all cost reach the wrong hands. We do not collect too much information about customers other

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Readers have a special place in my heart, that’s is why I must reply to their emails, no matter how many their questions are, how many times they write back, i will always be there to respond to their queries. Contact me about any question, topic of discussion, queries, issues of concerns, recommendations or your

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About Series

Since the date when the first title in the series was published in September 2015, this literary work has continued to mesmerize diverse groups of readers from different corners of the planet. Words to Elate is a collection of  Poetic narratives that covers virtually every known topic on the planet. Its content is relevant to

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For countless thousands of years, stories have been passed down from one generation to the other through word of mouth, only in the last couple of centuries has the transformation been so great and so drastic that our great grandparent’s lives seems to be a distant world away, nevertheless the stories still remain the same,

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