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No country can run smoothly without a properly working legal system. It’s the laws of the land that bind the nation together and keep everything in harmony with one another. If there are no laws in a country then anarchy will rule the land , we have seen in countries  experiencing civil wars or some kind of internal strife. This leads to a breakdown of law and order that is followed by total anarchy. Life therefore becomes miserable for everybody else

Social Issues

Every society in the world has its own sets of social issues that should be properly addressed in a timely manner, if not then social cohesion that kept the community peaceful and happily living with one another completely shatters, there needs to be openness in the society so that people are freely able to express themselves and talk about their personal problems.


Honestly speaking, crime is everywhere in the world. There is not a single nation on this earth that doesn’t have criminals. Some countries have a higher crime rate than others, but what makes the difference is how the state responds to it. There are many factors in the society that lead to many levels of crime, things such as socioeconomic status of a community determines how frequent crimes such as robbery with violence or kidnappings are prevalent. The community’s culture is also a great contributing factor on what happens to individuals when they grow up and lead their adult life. The world knows very well that having proper correctional facilities is the key to reducing the levels of crime in a particular region.


Every society in the world has its own form of literature highly embedded into its cultural fabric. The community’s history and traditions are preserved in the literature that is later passed down from one generation to another. Literature encompasses so many things in our lives other than keeping the world reminded of the good olden days. Every academic institution in the world was born out of literary enthusiasm.

World Wide Web

Invented a few decades ago by Tim Berners Lee , the world wide web has become part and parcel of our modern day lives, it’s very evident that we do everything today with the help of the internet, from shopping, learning, dating. Working etc. everything is now online. Nobody could have even imagined that life would change so drastically from the way it is today. Thanks to the earlier pioneers of the internet, we live  a much better life today than we had several generations ago.

Family and friendship

Family is the smallest unit of a nation or community, when we are around family and friends we are always free to express ourselves in a way that is not normal with strangers. We all need loving family and friends to lean on their shoulders as we cry our pains out. Without family life would be very miserable as we know it.


Feminism is a movement that showed up a few decades ago and got very mixed reactions from society. There are those that have fully embraced it while there are those that have completely rejected it. Feminists claim to be advocating for women’s rights but sometimes they end up going beyond the bar. Feminists activists sometimes behave in a way that is very appalling to the members of the general public which has led them to be dismissed as psychos.


The family home is the place we curl ourselves for comfort, every person needs a place to call home. Owning a home is the one thing that restores human dignity. Homeless folks are always exposed to all kinds of dangers that they may have little to no control over.


Ancient Greeks were famous for their thinkers. They thought up things that never crossed the minds of the people of their time. Those were thinkers that were hired to think on behalf of society. Right now everybody is a philosopher and a motivational speaker. It is now a common subject in many academic institutions today.

Business and economics

Our today world is run by advanced commerce. From the way people bought things through barter trade in the ancient past to the high speed ecommerce platforms of today, we can honestly say that we have come a very long way. Every teen today has some knowledge of business and economics, because that’s what they do everyday without them noticing it. We are in the richest period in humanity’s history right from the emergence of our first civilizations to our modern day technologically advanced world.


It’s every child’s dream to have a profession to follow up in life and pursue throughout their entire adult life. Professions allow one to specialize in the field of their choice, something they love and are very passionate about. Division of labor and specialization is the thing that has made our modern world become efficient as it is and more focused in the desired manner.


Many people think that those people who study psychology are mind readers, well that may be the case to some extent, but that is not being called a psychic. Psychology is a very broad subject covering not just human way of thinking but also behavior. It is the holistic approach to the mind of things, whether you just think it up or act on it, is the same thing.


Our modern day technology has advanced very rapidly, right from the invention of the wheel thousands of years ago to the way we live our today’s lifestyles is an incredible transformation. Technology that was very cool a few decades ago is classified as obsolete right now, from travel, communication, learning, smart homes, working and everything else is greatly advanced.

Food and Dining

We all remember how we enjoyed our last delicious dinner. Food is the cradle of humanity and we  are in a position to make things work this way. The diversity of cuisine in the world gives a solid reflection of the diversity of the world we live in today. If you want to know about another culture then you should try their food, you will be mesmerized.


From the time our ancestors were engraving paintings in the rocks of the mountains to our present moment whereby we send messages through electronic means, so much has changed for the society  though much of the message remains the same. Humans need to be constantly communicating with one another in order to survive the harsh environment on the planet, so our early ancestors built efficient communication tools to aid them in their day today activities.


When people travel abroad they often face culture shocks, sometimes people discover that things which are totally normal in their own culture are completely frowned upon in other cultures. It takes a while to adjust to the new culture that you move in any time you make it work. All cultures are different and we need to accept this reality of things.


Everyone likes doing their own things in their own time. Even though we all share similar hobbies there is always something that someone likes doing that makes them totally different from all the others, who still collects stamps today?  By a show of hands?


Human life is fraught with danger. Life is frail and risky wherever we go. It is up to every individual to be cautious with their steps so that they do not put themselves or others in danger. Motorists should be careful with their driving so that they don’t put themselves or other road users in grave danger. We all should work hard to get our brethren out of harm’s way.


Our planet is extremely large with a diameter of 500k miles across. It’s covered mostly with water and the remaining part being habitable land. Very early explorers tried to circumnavigate the globe so as to properly map it. Many unfortunately ended up paying with their own lives . When they failed to reach their destinations they were still hailed as heroes by the academic world.


Every young teenager today wants to live the flashy lifestyle they see in cinema and other places. Not all of us can afford that, you know. A lot of the things you see in cinema and social media are all fake. Nothing but forgery in the highest form of expression. Why is everyone suddenly showing off like they are filthy rich? Why is that?


Our planet is the home to more than six thousand religions, the most prominent being Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. A lot of innocent people have lost their lives in the worldwide wars of religious cleansing. Each religion claims to be more superior than all the others. Some countries have multiple religions within their borders while others do not tolerate other religions that are not approved by the state.


The arts world has captured the imagination of human endeavor. Today, millions of people travel to the Louvre in France to take a look at a picture of a famous woman who is commonly referred to as Mona Lisa. The painting is many centuries old, yet it still mesmerizes the world today.

Fitness and exercise

Everyone wants to look young and athletic despite their age, but our modern world doesn’t allow us to do so. We are so busy with our personal lives that we don’t take much time to lift some weights in the gym.  No one likes going to the gym but everyone needs some healthy exercise irrespective of their age or gender. People need to spend a day off, take some walks in the park or walk their dog outside on the weekend. Fitness is not a fashion trend but a necessity that every person needs.


We are surrounded by beautiful nature, from crystal clear waters of the streams to the lush green grasses to the pristine landscapes, it’s no joke that we need to protect our environment at all costs. We need mother nature to survive but mother nature doesn’t need us to survive. It’s sad that so much environmental destruction is going on in the world around us yet there  isn’t much we can do about it. Citizens should continue putting pressure on their government to properly protect the environment.


For those that like digging up the past, history is on your side, do not give up digging because it’s through uncovering our past experiences that we manage to handle the hardships we go through today. Well documented history can become a great tool to be used as a guide that will help the modern day humans overcome the challenges they are facing at present. Prepare for the future but never forget about the past” is the common phrase motivational speakers bombard us every single day.


Who doesn’t like to be healthy at all times? Nobody of course. Old people crave the vitality and vigor of a small child. The old age comes with so many health issues such as if the aged didn’t have loving family around them to provide for them and shield them from potential harm. Old people’s bones are brittle and therefore cannot handle heavy duty work. It takes an incredibly long time for an old man’s bones to properly repair themselves.


As the old adage goes, you must first govern yourself before you think of governing others. It’s not just about blind governance but a long process of crowd management. For those that run into the clutches of political leadership they need to be faced with so much turmoil that they won’t know what to do when trouble gets them in office. Everyone wants to change the world but no one wants to change himself.


For those folks that like gazing into the night sky, what do you see? The night’s stars are at their most beautiful moments in the complete darkness of the nights. Life in the cities creates so much light pollution that it is incredibly difficult to spot the stars in the open sky. If you can get yourself  a telescope, then be ready to see a world of wonders. The planets, the solar systems, the milky way, the galaxies all are pretty beautiful to watch at night.


Modern day science has become some sort of religion. It’s hard for people to believe in any concept until they see it scientifically proven. centuries ago scientists were greatly frowned upon , and science itself was regarded as unethical, now things have turned upside down. It’s science that has taken the number one podium while everything else follows it. Scientists of the old are hailed as heroes by the modern day academics. Science is cool.


We remember sports in our schools. During our prime age we always went out in the fields to play with our friends during leisure from academic work. Playing is very important for every child’s growth and development, therefore, students who engage in co-curricular activities end up growing well holistically and mentally. They get to perform better in their academic studies. Sport is an essential  part of human life  and now that we live in a sedentary lifestyle we need it even more.

Self Help

At some point in life we feel so low and worthless to the point where no kind of motivation can be of any help to us. So we therefore try to comfort ourselves in whatever way we can. What motivation can be more peaceful than the one that comes from within oneself? You don’t need to read lots of books or listen to motivational speakers but instead look deep into oneself and reflect on your life, this is probably the best thing in your life you can even do so go for it.


Modern day entertainment has gone beyond the old style rigorous activity  we used to have in the olden days. Most of it now we can confidently say its electronic. Modern day parents are becoming very concerned about seeing their kids spending their entire days in the house  playing video games when they should be  outside  running around in the family’s backyard. Modern day entertainment has its own ups and downs. Things like cinema were very appealing when they first showed up on the scenes, millions of people flocked into the theaters, they were very revolutionary at the time. Nothing like them existed before and people were delighted that they could watch pictures of things taking place many thousands of miles away on the home screen. Cinema also became a powerful propaganda tool during the world wars.


Being the number one religion in the world, Christianity has spread to almost every corner of the planet right from its humble beginnings in the Jewish cities of Jerusalem in modern day Israel. The religion has splintered into many factions the main ones being Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.  The Catholics form the majority of the sect while the protestants come in second. Protestantism itself is split up into several more smaller  subdivisions that are fiercely opposed to each other’s doctrines. Christianity is a religion of so many colors and contrasts.

Travel and adventure

We all want to go out some day and explore the world like the adventures of the old. The road less traveled however is fraught with danger, we hear horror stories of tourists in trouble almost everyday in the evening news. When exploring the world may be a lot of fun, travelers should be more careful with their footsteps because not every place has their personal safety guaranteed. For those of you who can afford it, you can travel the world enjoying yourself, but always remember that danger is always around the corner, no place can ever be one hundred percent safe.

Environmental issues

We will continue to reiterate time and again that environmental issues are certainly the most pressing issues of our time. We are facing a myriad of issues such as global warming, climate change draughts, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, mass extinctions, mass deforestations, plastic pollution, air pollution, water pollution and all these are happening simply because man is unable to control his appetite for extracting vast natural resources for his personal use. Humanity has reached a point whereby the reversal of damage created by humans is almost impossible.


Since the discovery of the double helix shape of DNA several decades ago, genetics has always fascinated scientists so many more discoveries have also been made after that owing to the fact that science continues to advance each coming day. There are some ethical issues however that emerged from genetics this includes cloning of animals such as dolly genetically modified foods also known as GMOs. Right from their creation to this very day, GMOs still remain a very controversial topic in our modern day societies. A lot of genetics nowadays is quite unethical.


Music has always existed since the day man started walking the face of the earth. Cavemen used sticks and rocks to create music and also cut some animal skins to make drums that they would beat at  a regular pattern depending on the ceremony. Music had advanced very much since then, the ancient civilizations played flutes made out of hollowed out tree branches or animal bones, they also played harps lyre, modern day music is very electronic, you don’t even need a musical instrument to play, all you need is simply download a software onto your pc and you are ready to go.


In ancient Greek theatrical plays, comedy is a play that ends well for the protagonist while tragedy is a play that doesn’t end well for the lead actor, though the world has changed a lot in meaning to encompass things that are not necessary to refer to anything humorous in general. Stand up comedy is on the rise and many people are making careers out of it, it’s not about simple laughter, but making the audience enjoy your entire speech.


A lot of scientists today have found great passion in digging up ancient bones, be it of kings and nobilities of the old or of long extinct animals and plant species. Archeology is big business these days. Museums make millions of dollars every year exhibiting bones of long dead dinosaurs that have been carefully preserved in the rocks of the earth. There are a lot of secrets still hidden in the rocks of the earth today.


No one knows when war first started but experts believe it existed long before civilizations rose and fell. The cavemen used to fight one another with rocks, sticks and weapons made of animal bones. Ancient civilizations preferred the act of warfare by making weapons out of metals like bronze and iron. Ancient Rome, Greece, Persia, Egypt and Sumer prospered through conquests achieved through warfare.


Most people in developing countries speak at least two or more languages, for those that do not speak English as their first language, they usually face incredible difficulty transitioning from one language to another. It’s better to be bilingual even if you are not fully fluent in that second language. You still have to continue learning new things for it opens up your mind to the material knowledge of the world. Languages may seem a little bit difficult to learn at first but once you get the hang of it, it is always a quick breeze, we have  to continue finding a way of learning new vocabularies, terminologies, phrases and figures of speech. The more  languages you are fluent in the easier your life is likely to be in the long run.

Rocket science

The entire Humanity held their breath in the late sixties when they watched the first man to walk on the moon. Neil Armstrong will remain an icon in the eyes of many rocket scientists. Lunar explorations however started much earlier, as early as nineteen twenties. American scientists were building and testing rockets in their home country.


Nothing of significance ever gets achieved in an organization without the cooperation of the team. All people had to work with one another to achieve a common goal. It’s the goal of the management to keep up team spirits so that the morale of the staff remains high and assignments could be accomplished much faster and more efficiently. Management should never underestimate the value of keeping up staff morale.


Societies cannot function properly without an accepted code of conduct by the citizens, certain behaviors may be accepted in one community but greatly frowned upon by another. Its ethics that maintain the moral high ground in communities and allows people to be proud of their unique identity. The word ethos, originally Greek, is now an everyday term used to represent moral standards.


We cannot honestly advance our lives in the modern world without a little dose of motivation, the hardships we face are so heartbreaking and so difficult that a little dose of encouragement from family, friends or complete strangers is enough to push us on. We have to keep moving forward however harsh the challenges may be ahead of us. motivation is the food for the mind and soul.

Love and relationships

Everyone at least remembers the first time they had a crush on their schoolmate and thought it was real love. Many people believe in love at first sight while others would like to explore their other avenues long before they return to the so-called sweetheart. There is a lot of information out there giving advice to couples or people in particular kinds of relationships. Is love advice from other people that are not presently in a relationship worth following or even listening to? People guard their hearts from heartbreak.


Primary education is now compulsory in most parts of the world except in places like Afghanistan , children now start going to school from a very early age and spend most of their childhood in school. By the time they are adults they would have learned so much information that would help them take care of their adult life, however not all children are born equal, there are millions of children out of school today because of one reason or the other.


Computers became famous in the mid nineties with the release of Windows by Microsoft. It’s like all of a sudden computers became fashionable and every person wants to get their hands on them. Computers appeared a little bit scary at first but once their usefulness was established they became a necessity and became a part and parcel of every household.


Politics is a dirty game. We all know this catchy phrase, but people still go into politics to build a career despite this bad reputation they have for ruining people’s public image. The political arena is not a simple thing that someone can joke about despite their home grown career training, you need to be extravagant in your moves because the world is watching you and one single misstep could bring your downfall.

Beauty and fashion

A lot of folks want to work in the fashion industry, many however don’t know how to get about it. This is an industry that is worth  hundreds of billions of dollars. It has turned some people into tycoons and many more people continue to make a killing out of the industry, the fashion industry has however been accused of things like labor exploitations, environmental damage and racism biases through some of its cosmetic products.


Cats and dogs are very popular pets found in millions of households across the world today. They are very friendly and docile creatures, they also act as security sometimes, when burglars break into your homes, they are among the first to save your life. There are dogs however that are sometimes extremely dangerous even to the members of the family. Dozens of innocent people have been mauled to death by pitbulls in the last decade alone.


The mainstream media gained its popularity at the dawn of the last century. The invention of radio, television and printing press allowed people to instantly receive news of things that were happening around the globe. For decades now, it has been the only source of information to many households across the globe. It is trusted by the majority to provide reliable news information.

Weather and climate

We are facing erratic weather patterns  in the last few decades as we continue to envisage a world of clean air, water and soils, in many parts of the world today, weather is becoming more and more extreme in the sense that people are finding it difficult to live their normal lives, extreme heat and heat waves a few years ago sent some people to the ICU and a lot of outdoor activities to be suspended. Extreme cold on the other hand has led to snowstorms that destroyed power lines and put the lives of millions of people at risk.

Mental Health

Even today there is still a lot of stigma attached to things concerning mental health. People are afraid to open up about their mental health issues  for fear of being subjected to public ridicule. It is an issue that affects the lives of millions of people worldwide and therefore needs to be properly addressed if society needs to move forward. It should be normalized and treated like just any other bodily ailment that people suffer everyday.



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