A time is soon coming when there will be an absolute swap in gender roles

A time is soon coming when there will be an absolute swap in gender roles




A time is coming when there will be an absolute swap in gender roles, it is very near, it might already be here. The women will go to work and leave the men at home to take care of the kids, their women go to work in factories, farms, IT Centres and fight wars and fly back in fighter jets, the men will cluster themselves in homes, with their legs crossed, they chat, gossip and laugh at one another and do the household chores. They will anxiously watch the news to get updates about how their partner is doing in the battlefields, when she returns & lands safely at the airport, her partner is waiting at the terminal, upon seeing her, he screams and runs towards her, hugs her and kisses her, they cry together in each other’s arms.

When the woman has had a long day of hard work and drives into the house late at night, she calls out and the man rushes into the living room, “yes milady, you called for me, what ya say?” he speaks humbly to her keeping his head down low, the lady wears a three piece suit with three stars on each of her shoulders, bundles of medals are hanging from her left breast for she is a very well decorated war hero. She stands upright with her head raised into the air and interrogates the man looking straight into his eyes, “I hope you  have prepared my bed properly because I am very tired now, I need lots of rest today,” the man now dressed in skirt goes on to finish the laundry. The lady seeing this, her face gleams with a smile for the man is now completely submissive and undertakes every command she gives speedily.”

there was a time when women were greatly confined and denied access to basic life skills such as education and everyone worked very hard to fight this issue, we joined hands to make sure that all our children get equal opportunities in life whether male or female, those dark olden days are now gone, if not at least fading away now we have nearly achieved our society’s goal, women are nearly in all the known professions, they are lecturers, doctors, engineers, administrators etc. after the achievement of this objective, a new problem has created itself. Now the women know everything, they can read and write, they can literary do anything, there is nothing the men can hide from the women. No more secret information that made them great and powerful. All of it is out there exposed, so what now? What’s next?

What do you do after you have achieved all your objectives? Some men are beginning to see powerful women as a threat to their personal ambitions which should not be the case.

The woman tries to scan her partner’s documents and secret files to make sure that he is not up to something suspicious. She believes she is trying to protect him, watch over him so as not to fall into something bad, the man on the other hand sees the woman as embarrassingly intrusive, poking her nose into everything he does, becoming  a threat to his privacy, “how long will this surveillance go on?” he exclaims.

Man thinks that now woman has become a threat to his personal ambitions, he tries to do everything possible to make sure she does not become too powerful, if that happens it will be impossible to reverse, he shall be toppled over and never recover his position as an administrator.

Men gather together in a secret chambers unknown to the public and say this to one another, “women have come far enough, now they threatened our positions in public affairs, if we don’t do something now , they will topple us over , it will be too late  to recover,” so they device a plan to overcome this emerging trend. So the captain comes up with a brilliant plan, but he asked his junior officers to keep it a top secret, no one should get a clue to what we are after, not even a single idea should leak out. It was General George Stoneheart himself who gave such orders, he said, “after independence, first we should build a huge statue of lady liberty, then our nation and the world will know that we are fighting for the rights and freedoms of women, no one will ever suspect us anymore, they will love and support our projects.

Then secondly, all children should go to schools both boys and girls but when teaching them, train more boys in the fields of sciences and technology, let the boys be hard pressed, taught to be much better in physics, mathematics, biological and chemical sciences, girls on the other hand are taught to love languages and social sciences, a cheaper and easier version of the subjects, through this way the boys are hardened and the girls weakened.

In labour force, when training field squadron, give men ten times the workload compared to that of women, then the men will be stronger, more enduring and form higher ranks in the security personnel, if you give woman to carry fifty kilograms of log, then give men hundred, hundred and fifty or two hundred kg.

In the engineering fields teach ladies basic engineering principles but men flood them with detailed information needed to be passed on. In IT , girls learn basic programming so they can learn to operate a server computer or PC. But boys flood them with all the source codes there are available or that exist. Encourage them to even introduce their own programming languages, use it as often as they can. They can hack into servers of less tech survey countries (as long as they do not get caught) just to test their skills but not to cause any harm. They use their pre-requisite knowledge to create new inventions, the next big thing that will have a global impact, they become game changers, the people who achieve such marvelous genius always go through gruesome training in college before they rise to the top.

One more thing, those books that teach rocket science, drilling, and other forms of civil engineering plus all these fancy careers, fill them with strings of meaningless mathematical formulas from cover to cover, so that women would dislike them, when a lady picks up one of these books from the library only to meet a bunch of meaningless equations cluttered all over the book, she soon distastes it and puts it back onto the shelves. I am sure she will not go beyond five or so pages. If some make it through then it should be a few, only a handful will make it through which are not really a threat.

Man has complicated the study of science subjects in schools, he has woven up, screwed, wobble around and made it nearly impossible for female students to learn them, many fall out in their first year of college. This system is designed to weaken the female students and keep the male students far ahead of the game. It has been going on like this for the last four centuries. Men deliberately complicate contents of a book to lock out most women and keep them  from ever understanding anything at all. If you still want proof, then pick samples of those techno books then read the names of the authors, you will find that 99.9 percent of them are written by men. Look inside, you will see nothing useful, I myself have been doing the same thing for over a decade now, it is nearly impossible to do otherwise.

With this in question, women still have many barriers ahead of them to overcome. It was General George Stoneheart himself who came up with this code of conduct, and said it should be a top secret in the boardrooms of many organizations, companies, financial institutions, schools and academic institutions, the civil and welfare societies.

We must continue to protect our ladies from knowing too much and eventually becoming too powerful.




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