Feminism is a movement that shoed up a few decades ago and got very mixed reactions from the society. There are those that have fully embraced it while there are those that have completely rejected it. Feminists claim to be advocating for women’s rights but sometimes the end up going beyond the bar. Feminists activists sometimes behave in a way that is very appalling to the members of the general public which has led them to be dismissed as psychos


Top Countries with disproportionate Gender Ratios in their Populations

Top Countries with disproportionate Gender Ratios in their Populations

  What are some of the countries with disproportionate ratios of men to women? We do expect that anywhere in the world, the proportions of males with females to be the usual fifty-fifty, well the average global ratio of women to men is fifty one percent, that means that women are slightly more than the

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Daughters of Cherbylle.

There is a seven sister gang operating on a global network with their activities influencing every province & city state of the world. To be frank, many of those girls were trouble makers for a significant proportion of their early years. Those cheeky devils have caused many men to become unfaithful and families to break

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Girl on the balcony.

Why do some girls have this feeling that someone is watching them? I am having a rest on the balcony on the second floor of an apartment building, and there is this neighboring girl, every time I take a seat to have a rest , she would suddenly stop everything she is doing in her

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Love for thy riffle.

The general said, “Love your woman just the way you love your riffle, you take so much care for a piece of metal, you oil it each afternoon wipe it clean of every speck of dust and let it lay by your side when you go to sleep, each morning when you wake up it’s

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Easy prey on the Savannah.

Man will always look for easy prey, he searches for an easy meal everywhere, he looks to the north, to the south and says unto himself, “why should I struggle with this huge and powerful eland of the Drakensberg, with her tough neck she can easily break my teeth, with her long hard and sharp

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Non-warrior groom

In the days of the old, brides would pick their grooms based on their bravery, this was a firm proof that he was strong enough to defend his family from foreign attacks, praises that came in from wars often added them more credits. This unfortunately will not apply to modern day women, fighting ninja are

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love for hire

Men can now buy love for a few days’ worth of work. While riding home one evening we came across a signpost which read. LOVE FOR HIRE, FOR ONLY A FEW PENNIES, GET LOTS OF HUGS PLUS TWO HOURS OF EXTA FREE CHAT. This notion led the cowboys believe that a woman’s love is tied

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miss commando

We met a woman at the airport who spoke with a deep voice, all the guards feared her because of this and whenever she asks them to do anything for her they’ll speedily undertake the task. Her voice growled like a truck engine and rumbled loud as thunder, “are you sure this is a woman?”

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For ever never.

I thought I would finally live forever after, was I lying to myself? Could I have been living in dream? I thought I was alone in my chase after you, little did I know that there were other men who admired you the way I did. Were it not be for that vulgar Hornbill, then

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