We cannot honestly advance our lives in the modern world without a little does of motivation, the hardships we face are so heartbreaking and so difficult that a little dose of encouragement from family, friends or complete strangers is enough to push us on. E have to keep moving however harsh the challenges may be ahead of you. motivational is the food for the mind and soul


Simple ways to deal with people playing shell games in your business

Zero tolerance attitudes to fraud and creating anti-fraud culture is the narrative to embrace. However, preventions is better than cure, therefore the following should be observed and implemented in order to combat fraud. Implement internal controls Internal controls are the plans or programs implemented to safeguard your company’s assets, ensure the integrity of its accounting

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What success means to you.

After successfully going through a progress some critics emerge out of nowhere and give your work a tongue lashing, they speak that way because they did not see the hardship you had gone through from the beginning, whatever you have achieved is not enough for them. True encouragement and motivation comes deep from within oneself,

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My bragging brains

Its quiet common about how people brag about the knowledge they have acquired over the years, “I have learned a lot of things man, you should treat me differently,” knowledge accumulated over the years is worth keeping if some day it shall find its practical applications. Then they will say, “I do not regret that

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A Winner’s mindset.

Winners look for strengths in others and become stronger, failures look for weaknesses in others and become weaker. Winners keep in account the hardships others went through before they succeeded, losers keep telling stories of others who started off well but ended up in failure, winners anticipate success in every venture, losers anticipate potential failure

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Your Silence is my freedom

It’s heart-breaking to see how many people especially youngsters engage in dangerous activities in the name of “exercising freedom,” watch your mouth they’d tell you, concern yourself with your own affairs, this is ma-life, and mine alone. No one should poke their noses into it.” “But you are risking your own safety, you are taking

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