Chasing the Media’s weather storm.

Most part of media reporting is based on current events, Just when you think you have known it all it changes, so swift , so fast you never see it coming, so matters that are of  interest now may be of no attention in the future, or things that no one cares about now may turn out to be the major source of attention of the nation in the few coming years, no one ever really knows what will happen between now and then, but every personnel  appears all wise and all-knowing until when disaster strikes, everything  is plunged into chaos, I had to learn this the hard way.

The media press usually focusses on a particular set of issues for a given period of time, it is not the perfect place to learn extensively about other regions & localities far away, if you want to learn about history, go to a museum, about anthropology or regional Geography then go to a public library or buy a conscious documentary film, the media press may appear capable of showing you how the world is like, but not in a complete, extensive and generally balanced.

Media press information may be slightly biased depending on the subject matter and emphasis. Hot topics come and go by like wind, they are quickly forgotten then new ones arrive.

 A while ago I used to have a very negative view of Berliners, based on what I have seen in the media, until I travelled there myself, I thought all Berliners were mean, angry extremists , I was led to believe that when in Berlin you will face the highest degree of antisocial behavior, no communication, no public interaction, no nothing. It gave me the false impression that Berlin and Cairo were the most dangerous cities for foreigners to live in on earth.

I used to watch the media press hoping there is much I could learn about the other parts of the world where I have never been to, it turns out that many presenters were also blind about these issues just as I was, in fact they took away the little sight I had left and made my vision worse, I discovered that many were ignorant of the life around them.




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