Citizens of the World of the Twenty first century are luxury lovers, these Millennials want it all


Though most times of our lives we are shadowed with sadness, struggles & exhaustion, the few minutes we get for fun, to laugh, to celebrate and be happy, they appear as if they’d last forever, that brief moment of joy takes away a thousand days of sorrow.


1- love for luxury.


Let’s go out to the blue lagoons

Let’s feel the cool breeze of the sea descend upon us

We shall dry ourselves out in the sun like coconuts

And take a hot bath in the eternal springs of warm water

On the soft white sand beaches we shall stroll together

A bone fire we shall make for ourselves,

And gather around it to make merry

Our youngsters will surf the waves,

And the kids build sand castles,

What a freedom we have

What a joy we have forsaken

Work work work harder

But also remember

You need some fun toooooo…..


Feeling exhausted from work? Well these are types of words you probably hear from your local beach band reminding you to take some time off on some beautiful island place, to stop working like a robot, at least for the time being go a little easier with yourself, luxurious lifestyle has become such a common phenomenon in such a way that those who refuse to take that kind of lifestyle almost face hostile rejection from others, work a little, have fun, feel free and enjoy yourself to the fullest are the common mottos uttered in the street corners of many metropolises.


2-selfish families.

There is an ideology that is being pinned upon everyone that an ideal family should be a man, a woman and two children, a boy and a girl, anything more than that is an excess and must be gotten rid of. And whoever brings in a homeless relative into his house, a brother, sister, uncle or aunt is committing a cardinal sin. More and more people are being taught to believe that the other members of your extended family are no use to your immediate needs, they are simply an extra burden, I got to believe that at some point in my life. These are a bunch of guys who call themselves the wise and the educated, they know very well how a family should be like, I wonder why they don’t have families of their own so they want everyone to be selfish and Isolated just the way they are. I know they have safe jobs and a lot of money in their bank accounts, but they have to remember that no matter how much you own, there always come a times when the needs of the needy are fulfilled and the rich and the mighty get to lose their fortunes. So no one should try to stop or lecture me when they see me keeping one or two members of my extended family in my home. If you don’t like people why don’t you keep it to yourself, why do you go out preaching to others to do the same? Because of this doctrine all families are now confining themselves in solitary lives.

A short while ago you saw people in photos with their huge extended families, the people are so many in the photo shoot that some members are partly or wholly cut off from the cameras area of view, away into the background, you see members so cosy and happy with one another clearly indicated by their broadened smiles on their faces, such photos don’t exist anymore, you see a family with members much less than a half a dozen, and some characters probably torn away, you see them posing next to  a golden castle,

This is what our families of today have become like, more and more of us, and less and less of others, is it true that the richer a person becomes the less they are able to give?

The poorest give the most while the richest give the least, even though the rich man may offer a bag full of gold coins as a gift, the poor mans present is still more valuable because what they have offered cannot be valued in terms of money, it’s absolutely priceless.

We went to a foreign land and landed on a beachfront, our ship got stuck in the sand and we could not travel back to our country in time, we were stranded on a foreign soil for days, as we went into the neighborhoods to look for shelter as we waited for aid to arrive,

We were surprised to find out that the ones who welcomed us were those who had no real homes, they shared with us the little food they had earned through their long day’s struggle, they let us use the only bed they had while they themselves slept on the floor, the poor gave us the most, even though they had no money, they offered us their most valuable gifts which were their time, care, love and attention, nothing was more valuable than that,

In the past few years we have been experiencing a dramatic change in culture and society at large, The influence of other civilizations like Egypt, Greece and Persia have changed the modern world considerably. Apart from Rome being a fore standing force, other empires like Sumerians, Mesopotamia, Greeks and Persians have also contributed much to the development of our modern day culture.

If the people of the ancient past who lived on ancestral lands in communal families would come alive today, and live in one of our Cities, then, they would certainly conclude that the people of today are selfish heartless monstrous beasts, not willing to share a penny with their brethren, they could never understand how complex our societies have become, and the effects it has had on social norms and family life.

Property although very little  at the time was communally owned, if one person had to find a source of food somewhere, then it had to be shared by everyone around the homestead, this increases their chances of survival, if not done likewise, then many individuals might starve, and the entire community wiped out.

As some people call it wealthy culture, or culture of the wise and educated, if things were to be dug deeper, then you’d notice that, it has a very long History, it was first lived by the Romans of ancient past, driven by three principles, freedom, Prosperity and wealth, laws of the land get twisted, becoming more inclined towards favoring the wealthy.

Just as the Romans of the old lived, so are the people of today, there is nothing new under the sun,

It is called the Roman Culture, the culture of Civilization, any nation in the world  that is ready to accept civilization, Development of cities and industrial revolution will also  have to accept the philosophical transformation of it citizens, freedom, prosperity and exceeding wealth,  It is the Roman Culture of the ages we are experiencing today.


3-enjoying my sweat.

When you ask people who conduct wild parties why they are acting that way, an obvious reply is, “I am enjoying the fruits of my labor, I worked very hard to reach this standard, why won’t I celebrate? Don’t prevent others from enjoying their money if you don’t have any to suit yourself.” if you were to tell them, you know that farmers don’t eat all the food they grow, and bakers don’t eat all the bread they bake, are you surely going to spend every single dime of your earnings on entertainment?  They insist saying that. “I am simply enjoying my money, my hard earned cash, please mind you own business.” But not all rich folks are flashing off their wealth you know.

Should luxury be treated as a transgression? Is luxury a crime? What then do you want? What are you insinuating when you tell me these nasty stories of yours?

This is what happens when people get too much freedom and wealth, they forget where they came from, and indulge themselves in pleasures of unimaginable proportions, it can happen to anyone, any community, any Society no matter their religious or cultural backgrounds, to act like the Romans of the past,

Those who said unto themselves, “I contributed a lot of money to this party, therefore I am going to make the most out of it” did end up drinking themselves nearly to death, you don’t have to benefit greatly from every venture you pursued, and some few losses can be stomached though. All this is by no doubt could be a result of our society having too much money, time and freedom?

Luxury is excellent with conscience, luxury is not that all evil and unacceptable but should be conducted/allowed with a bit of conscience,


4- bare-backs in a naturist town

A short while ago I visited a town when I was at once shocked beyond  belief the moment I set foot on this little town, everyone young and old was going about their daily lives in full nude, including the mayor did not have the smallest concealing clothing, “what in the world is this!” I exclaimed to my colleagues, never before did I know that such a town exists, there is no experience in your life more disgusting than to visit a nudists town. They all look confident in their styles they didn’t care who was watching, who was a stranger and who was a resident.

A time is soon coming when full nudity shall be regarded as fashion, and bareness called style,

Like the king and his new clothes, like the tales in the old stories, he thought that he was wearing the best clothes in town, little did he know that the tailors had fooled him, they said to him that your clothes are so fashionable that no one could see them, they charged him huge amounts of gold coins without giving him anything in return,

Then in a short period of time everyone admires it saying I am going to get that piece of outfit myself, soon everyone in the city is wearing the same style, the king calls out to the guards, “hey you mongrels! Get over here”, they then come running very fast, with their arsenals dangling from side to side, left and right like a church bell. Suddenly everybody loves the new clothes, it’s now high in the summer and no one needs warm clothing, the new outfits look best, they become the fashion of the town.

The poor go about bare skin because they can’t afford to buy clothes, the rich walk naked because they are tired of wearing clothes, so both the rich and the poor go about bareback on these countryside villages. This is the fashioned moral debasement of our modern times, We shall soon dwell in a nudist planet


5- welcome to my HoliGanza

I once went into a guest house, when I marveled at this magnificent  building enclosed in a beautiful garden, the house floors were tiled with precious stones, the pillars are cast with the purest gold and silver, from the walls hang the most expensive paintings, the windows are made of clear transparent glass and the roofs  hang dazzling bright lamps, the rooms were so many and the house so large that a first time visitor would easily get lost finding their way through, there were also lots of pools, many pools of water were outside the house but within the compound, there were pools inside the living room and even the bedroom there was a pool, one visitor asked, “are these pools for cooling oneself or are you planning to keep fish in them?” another said, “it’s like you get up from bed in the morning and jump into a pool like a toad and soak your skin in water first before you attend to other daily activities, look you are surrounded by water, everywhere there are pools of water though this is an inland country with miles of arid landscape around. What kind of luxury is this? Are they aquatic comforts?”

There was also a secret room where about a half dozen people sit inside a large cooking pot, workers fill the pot with water till It reaches their chest, they place coals underneath it which they light and the water inside the pot begins to boil. The guys stretch out their arms outwards and drop their heads backwards as they scream in exhilaration, “whoo…..ha!ha!ha!ha! This is great.” they enjoy the warmth of the waters for a while till when it becomes too hot to bear, they take one leap and dive into another pot, as their fun time continues. I have never seen before humans boiling themselves in a pot, don’t they know that they are going to be burned? Anyways that doesn’t matter for now, all is still considered fun.

When you observe this guy carefully it looks like he is on holiday all the time, week after week, month after month all year round?

The story of this guy is that of rags to riches, it was therefore no surprise to us seeing him act the way he did. His wife who once dressed like a peasant now is dazzling with jewels. “Hope you are not wearing on your neck any blood diamonds” some folk said to her.

The Above Text contains an excerpt from the book named“Dazzling Riches”



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