Domestic Animals that continue to sustain us with their invaluable products

Domestic Animals that continue to sustain us with their invaluable products


A huge chunk of our diet is made up of animal products, in many places you will find that more than fifty percent of people’s diet is composed mainly of animal products. If you are an atheist who believes in the story of evolution, then you know that cave men and many prehistoric peoples learned to make use of animals since their time of inception, they were “hunter gatherers” as we often called them, with their primitive tools, they managed to capture large and sometimes dangerous herbivores for their meat as food and for their skins to be used as winter coats, every part of the animal was often put to good use, including the bones, the horns and the hooves. Previously in the stone age all animals were wild, some of them, especially the ones we keep in our homes now,  were later domesticated and became acquainted with humans, “as they put it.” its these animals that we continue to exploit for their valuable uses today.


On the other hand, if you are religious, then you know the story of the great flood, after Noah came out of the Ark, then was he commanded to kill an animal to offer as a sacrifice, after the great floods, people started killing animals for food, animal products then became part of the regular diet, before that people lived only on  plant based foods, and this generation had a record long lives, they lived for incredibly many many years, there were many who were more than a hundred years old, but after the floods human lifespan dropped incredibly low.

Vegetarians still point to this Scriptural narrative as evidence that plant based diet is the ideal for all humanity while the animal food products are the ones responsible for early untimely deaths in humans.


Anyways, whatever story you believe in, whether  you are a mad scientist who argues that animals were domesticated from their wild cousins over a long slow process of many years or a religious fanatic who staunchly believes that domestic animals have been always with us since the beginning of time as they were handed down to us from above.


These are domestic animals that we continue to depend on for their invaluable products…


Cows for their Milk

Cattle for their hides

Poultry for their Eggs

Chicken for their Meat

Pigs for their  Pork

Sheep for their Wool

Livestock for their Meat and Stake

Bees for their honey




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