Doodling and Drawing Graffiti is for sure a sign of high level of creativity among the youth




At the beginning of your penning expedition you don’t even know what you are doing or about to say, you find oneself doodling in your notebook, in your diary and on old newspapers & magazines.

Creative doodles.

It’s surprising to see how children creatively doodle on the desk and exam table when the exam is tough, they should put their creativity onto a paper not doodle it out on the desk. Jim is a funny kid, when he’s given loose leaf papers by his teacher to write an essay, he turns them aside, his eyes get glazed with boredom, he finds himself scribbling on the table, the giant blank papers seem to scare off the little interest he had in writing. His friend Mark conversely had a paper torn from a shorthand notebook, seemingly the one he is trying to squeeze into a four page worth of content.

when you give teenagers blank foolscaps to write their creative compositions on them, if you give them one paper, they quickly fill that up and ask for another and another and another, if you hand them two, they fill up nearly all the pages, if you give them three they struggle to fill up one, if you give them five or more foolscaps they barely fill up one, this literary means that the more papers you give them the less of the composition they are going to write, since the blank pages appear somehow discouraging and intimidating to them. It diminishes their creativity, their imaginative spirit quickly fades away.

Break the barrier by getting started,

Get started by making the first step. Ideas will flow in like a waterfall. Nothing is boggy like having ideas blocked behind by a difficulty in finding the right way to start. Your thoughts and ideas are like a large volume of fresh water held back by a dam, it accumulates, stagnates and loses its freshness. It goes nowhere, break the barriers as soon as possible and you shall see the rivers of cool fresh waters flow once again, the momentum shall return once more.

When choosing topics, titles & subjects of discussion, choose plants & nurseries which are easy to water, I mean something you can easily fill with content.

It’s wise that a scribe keep their ink-pot and quill close by so that as soon as the birds of picnic begin to nest, they can immediately start putting detailed descriptions of each color onto a scroll or a piece of paper, ideas come across easily and so quickly they evaporate if not utilized proper. That’s why I need to pick my pen and paper and start right away, the machine may take too long to respond allowing my exciting thoughts to evaporate away, the lowest experience I would like to find myself into.

Struggling to write a boring article is like trying to light a camp fire with wet matches and twigs, you have to struggle very hard in the first few minutes, you keep striking and striking the few matches you have left hoping it will light, if you give up easily then the condition of having a cold worthless camping night becomes a reality, but if you continue the struggle a little longer the matchstick may unexpectedly spark, a few dry twigs may catch fire, burn off moist from others, soon you will have an enormous fire, something bigger, brighter and warmer than you had expected, everything else will just bring itself, more wood, more pots, will come on their own, all you need to do is to keep striking. Sometimes you have to wait long enough before the flame starts to burn.




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