Every Website Now Uses Cookies which makes them very dangerous, why you should reject all cookie requests in order to protect yourself from spying and Potential Malware Online

Every Website Now Uses Cookies which makes them very dangerous, why you should reject all cookie requests in order to protect yourself from spying and Potential Malware Online


It’s quite difficult nowadays to find a website that is clean and free of all these kinds of annoying stuff, whenever you visit a website, you are bombarded with annoying notifications that ask you to accept some cookies. The statement often goes like this, “Please accept these cookies, we use cookies to help improve user experience on our websites…. Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!” and all sorts of silly stuff.


What users are never told is that those so called cookies are not designed to bring users any good, instead they are potentially harmful, all of them are spyware put on your computer to track your every online move. When you accept them it’s like accepting a request from CIA to surgically place a GPS transponder into your body so that they can know where you are in the world at all times. Most website users don’t really understand the dangers of these things, they blindly click accept so that they can either get rid of the annoying popup window, or to be granted access to the pages they want to view.  Once that deadly “Accept/Allow” button is clicked, then the malicious bots start installing themselves into the  browser software and computer, you never know what kind of information they gather and send to its creators, what kinds of harmful changes they make to your PC, and how you make yourself vulnerable to a cyber attack.


Cookies gather all kinds of information from you including your personal details, location, address, and Personal files on your PC. Since they know all your activity online, all the pages you visit, at what time and how many times, these cookie bots gather information about your login names, passwords, credit card information, Banking details, your social security number and so forth, they can even activate you phone and voice recorder on you PCs and Smartphones so that they can record everything you do in the house and send it to its creators.


Some of those cookie bot websites may put a disclaimer on their website claiming that they don’t gather such information about your personal details, unfortunately this is what they actually do in the background, when you are busy browsing the web oblivious to the prying eyes watching you all the time,  even if they promise not to collect your personal information, who is going to believe that? How sure can you be that they are not collecting more information than they claim to be gathering? can you believe the words of a stranger who parks a black van with tinted windows  in your neighborhood then starts looking into his binoculars in the direction of your home, when you go forth to confront him, he replies, “sorry my dear, I am not starring at your house, am just observing the activities of the neighborhood, please don’t get spooked,”


The fact that he has parked a mysterious van in your parking lot is enough to raise alarm, you don’t know the person nor have you ever seen the car nor do you know what is in the van, and why are the windows tinted? even if he gives you assurances a hundred times that all is going to be all right, are you gonna believe him?


Do you understand how cookies work and what exactly do they do, if you do, well that is great, but for me, I don’t know anything technical about them, you should therefore understand that I have  good reasons to fear them,  Cookies are nothing but dangerous spyware and bots that give users false assurances on the front end and do malicious activities in the back end.


A few months ago my PC started behaving erratically, the browsers started performing very slowly, the pages were taking too long to load, say five minutes or more, then all the apps including the browsers started shutting down unexpectedly. I installed an antivirus software and scanned everything on my PC, to my utterly shock, the software came with a report that all my browsers are infected with more than a thousands different kinds of malware, spyware, adware, worms and Trojan horses. When I opened my browsers settings and options, I saw that there were one thousand three hundred and thirty six cookies installed on it, nearly the exact number to that the antivirus software had given me, my PC cleaner software had notified me to clear all my browsers of all cookies because they were slowing down the PCs Performance, but I had ignored the warning, a warning which I paid the price dearly later in the form of data loss through malware activity.

If a page demands that you should first accept their cookies before you are granted access to part or all their websites contents, then run for your life, scramble for the back button and find an alternative source of information, their cookies are not worth the risks, “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!”

Never Click the “Accept Button”



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