Fashion Models are a bunch of starved anorexics, They are Nothing more than Walking Bones on the runway

Fashion Models are a bunch of starved anorexics, They are Nothing more than Walking Bones on the runway

I never stop wondering why the fashion industry stubbornly continues to cling to their “Slim Standards” for their models, when they demand that  all of them should be very skinny, thin as a rake. They starve their models to the point where they look so skinny, so emaciated that most of us, the audience begin to fear for them. I really feel sorry for those starved girls, when you see them stroll down the runway they are like walking bones, you fear she is going to collapse  the next minute on that runway never to rise up again, Oh, I feel so sorry for those poor girls.


There are lots Normal size ladies who look much prettier than their fashion  anorexic counterparts, yet never get a chance to wear those clothing, what the industry should be doing is to feature how the clothing will look on an average woman? The ladies that have average size bodies compose ninety percent of all women,  those are the ones they should at least be focusing on. Now if a tailor makes clothes that can fit only emaciated women and put them on display for the world to see, what are the ordinary women of the society going to wear?


When they put those clothes on those models, they look like scarecrows, they appear to look like clothes hanged on a wooden stand. When they walk past you, they look so frightening, you want to leap out of your seat and run away, then you have a second thought, you begin to have pity on that poor girl. “Oh! I hope she makes it to the end of the runway without collapsing, I hope she makes it through the fashion industry without having any permanent injuries to her health.”


Before this traumatizing profession, they were having good lives, they were eating a balanced diet in their homes with their families, they took at least three worm meals a day at their comfort zones, but the day the decided to become the so called “super models” or “cover girls,”  that’s when their nightmares began. What a silly decision that was, they only realized their mistake when it was too late. The fashion industry forced them to live only on water and dry bread, with nothing else of nutritional value. Their health often gets impacted to the point of no recovery, and after they leave the industry they start to face serious & never ending health problems, they spend half their remaining lives in & out of hospital.


A few years ago my baby sister decided that she should join the fashion industry, she started modelling with her friends at such a tender teenage age, she was full of passion, dreams and ambitions for the fashion industry, I was vehemently opposed to her vision, and have been doing everything I could to make her steer away from such dangerous dreams, but she fought back with all her might. Now she no longer has modelling thoughts wondering her mind, this is not because of my resistant views, but because she got distracted by another passion I never saw coming, the tourism industry, she currently runs a tour resort on a beachfront. Phew! What a relief I felt, things turned out better than I had thought. My fears were never confirmed, Now I live as a happy man, my baby sister came this close to being snatched into the fashion industry. I have seen with my own eyes what the industry does to young innocent girls. I witnessed the horrors behind the scenes of those colorful runways and believe me, it’s nothing anyone should be proud of.


Are these standards really worth it! Are they really worth the pain, suffering, torment, torture,  incredible hardships it inherently creates? The lifelong Damages & scars it leaves on the models?




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