How hard do you struggle to wake up in the morning?

How hard do you struggle to wake up in the morning?

Sometimes it becomes so hard just to get out of bed in the morning to attend to your daily duties, whether you are going for your daily job, attending a school or do an household chore, it becomes quiet difficult to open your eyes and let go of your sweet dreams. The alarms scream out at you demanding that you should get you’re a*** up and running.


Exhaustion plays an important role in casting us into deep deep sleep, after a long day of hard excruciating work, when you are completely worn out, the body tries very hard to recover energy that was lost during the day, it also tries to repair the damages that your job has been causing your body over the day hours, your body clock tries to restore your immune system and other body functions back to their optimum levels. So its no surprise the body glues itself to the bed, and when you wake up its so difficult, its like peeling off a duck tape from  surface it has been stitched on.

This begs the question. How many hours do we really need to sleep? is it three, Four, Six, Eight, Ten or twelve? What is the best hours you should take to rest? Well to me that would be as long as the body needs, once the body has rested and become awake, unable to get back to sleep , that’s all you need, it doesn’t matter how long, different people and different age groups require different sleep hours depending on their bodily needs, I tend to ignore the junk information that the “So Called Experts” are churning out, because they put a fixed number of hours for all people and all ages, information that is poorly researched and very misleading.


WAKE UP Billy! Wake Up! And Please don’t try to smash your alarm clock next time you struggle to wake up

The Above Text contains an excerpt from the book named”So You Still Do That?”




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