Samaritan secrets

There is this woman that Jesus found near a well, then asked her to give him water. Why did she refuse to give Jesus a cup of water? Was it because she had five husbands? Then the lord said unto her, “Go and call your husband,” but she said she had no husband and the

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the first Jew.

Is God a Jew? There are some rabbis in my compound who say so, and they have enough proof for it, “what is this proof then they gave you?” asked reverend Walter, “they say that Moses was a Jew and all the prophets, and so was Abraham Isaac and Jacob. And one more unshakable proof,

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the dance of the savages

The carnivals were once simple parties that made everyone happy both the young and the old, unlike the way they have been perverted these days by debased dancers, of those who attended the carnivals more than a century ago were to witness the modern day performers, then they won’t call it a carnival at all,

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the bite of an ape.

“Hey sire Darwin” a fruit vendor picks a coconut and hands it over to the young man, (a renowned researcher and long time student of Darwin) “you say that your ape ancestors could rip open a sea shell with their canine teeth. Can you try with this coconut please, before I could believe you?” Please

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the ferocious hominid gang.

Ape man gathers his gang(troops) and says this to them, those smooth skinned cousins of ours that live inside cocoons have despised us for too long, let’s go out to them and teach them some lesson, so they’d learn to respect us, they think they are wiser and smarter than we are, they have sold

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What success means to you.

After successfully going through a progress some critics emerge out of nowhere and give your work a tongue lashing, they speak that way because they did not see the hardship you had gone through from the beginning, whatever you have achieved is not enough for them. True encouragement and motivation comes deep from within oneself,

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