Men’s roles are dangerous responsibilities.

Men’s roles are dangerous responsibilities.




An esteemed contractor once said, “what some women fail to realize is that a portion of the kinds of jobs the Bear-Boys do are very dangerous, they think it’s fun, you wont really find any fun while doing them, when we ask them not to go into jobs like, military, mining, timber logging etc., they think we are pining them down, taking the best jobs for ourselves and giving them less valuable ones.

We are trying to protect them by taking dangerous jobs ourselves and give them safer ones, but since some have become rebellious, we have no choice but to let them share in our suffering also, let them feel what it’s like to do a poor man’s job. Let them feel the heat of the quarry site, let them inhale sulphur dust of the mines deep below the earth, let them move stones and rocks till their muscles ache.

When I told mi-lady that I would be away for two weeks a month, because of the demanding nature of my job, she thought I was acting deceptively, she believed that there was a girl I go to meet there, when she heard there was a spa near the construction site, it’s like her fears were confirmed, the problem was growing more and more each day that I had to take her to my workplace where she stayed with me for two weeks, I showed her the tunnel entrance, I let her look at the gaping holes of the abandoned site and said this to her, “look in here, does this look like a place you can hide a lover, what kind of girl would want to stay in such an uncomfortable place anyway?”

She received rumours that I was hiding a secret lover in the tunnels near quarry site which she actually believed in, she speculated that a girl would wait for me at the basement of another apartment still under construction, incomplete yet quiet safe, “which of these places is convenient enough that you can keep a date?” I said this to her, “if your partner is determined to cheat then he can do it while you watch, even when you are around him twenty four hours a day, he can easily handle/pamper another lover right there where you are and you won’t notice it, no amount of monitoring will change him, on the other hand, if he was indeed faithful while she continually threw eyes of suspicion and mistrust on him, it may eventually destroy his interest and love for her, such a dangerous gamble it is.

If my partner would take my place at the explosives factory while I stay at home with the kids, “I would gladly accept the swap,”

For so long I have dreaded the huge cylindrical tins surrounding me, with their pointed tips facing the sky, like rockets about to leave the ground any moment, any time, any minute, anything can go wrong. I have always wondered if these explosives were to one day shred me into pieces, what would happen to my children? My little Billy and Jane, I hope they’ll not be told details of what happened to me, because it would hurt them so much.




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