Planet “Doom” is already here, we are soon going to live in a world without water


Planet “Doom” is already here, we are soon going to live in a world without water



The world is facing a serious water crisis. Water in the rivers, lakes and ponds is diminishing, fresh water in the marshes and swamps is disappearing at an alarming rate. We continue to hear disturbing reports from our news agencies that water is going to become more scarce as the world continues to develop its industrial capacity


There is a growing water shortage worldwide for industrial, Agricultural and domestic use, water for farming and irrigating fields is becoming harder and harder to find,  Groundwater is nearly depleted, so what’s next for humanity? Are we all doomed to die of thirst?


Ground water is nearly gone, farmers continue to dig their wells deeper and deeper, aquifers have been sucked dry by Mega Machines to be used in the industries and domestic purposes, now there is none left. Some lakes have already dried up, for instance the Aral sea has lost its water over the decades as a result of heavy irrigation. The ground is thirsty, farmlands are riddled with large cracks, it has become dry and dusty, the countryside is covered with dust storms round the clock


So what’s the best option for managing the little that is left? Water scarcity around the world is an impending issue that will create serious problems for the inhabitants of the earth, tensions will increase and conflicts will rise(if they are not already in existence).  The Largest and the Most destructive wars of our modern times were fueled by oil, that seductive black gold, so useful yet so dangerous, the wars that are going to  be triggered or at least associated with fight over water resources are those that will never end. Dispute over fresh water will trigger never ending world wars. So humans must come together and make wise decisions, they should keep in mind that its either now or never.


Without water there can be no life, water is the only thing every living creature needs the most to survive, a year without rains can spell devastating famine for a community that depends totally on rain water to nourish their crop fields,


We are already hearing horror stories from around the world of devastation created by lack of water, for instance, farmers in California are having to sell their farms, after their ground water was depleted, after years of pumping their wells dry. They thought that their water would last forever, its so unfortunate, now they have no choice but to sell the very farms they hold so dear, a place where they have invested their sweat, tears and blood, they had no choice but to sell the very farms that stayed in their family line for countless generations,

In places like India, we are hearing sad stories of farmers committing suicide, after their farms failed to make any produce, because of lack of(severe shortage of water), the monsoon rains have failed to bring enough water to the fields, sometimes they failed to bring even a drop of water altogether. These poor farmers that depend solely on Agriculture to feed their families have no other alternative other than agriculture, a loss of the only means of livelihood they know of drives them into desperation, depression and eventually suicide, they decide to take their own lives when they see no other option, leaving more people especially members of their own families greatly affected for countless years to come..


Across Africa, severe droughts are becoming  more and more common, sometimes a drought can last even years, causing a great deal of death, all livestock, cattle as in cows, goats and sheep begin to die, one after another, death of animals is then preceded by severe malnutrition in people, children especially suffer the most, they get stunted growth, and diseases like Kwashiorkor. marasmus, rickets and so forth. The list of problems created by water is endless.


To meet the current urgent demands, good measures have to be put in place  to make sure we have more drinkable water to use, measures like…

Harvesting of rain water, and storing them in tanks to use later when there are no rains.

Reuse & Conservative use of water, e.g. water used in cleaning dishes can be used to flash the toilets instead of wastefully pouring it away,

Controlling the amount of water we drill out of the grounds to allow them to rejuvenate. Water in the underground aquifers takes so many years to percolate, yet the rate at which they are being sucked out is a thousand times higher than the rate at which they collect.

Coming up with advanced technologies That enable desalination of sea water at a very cost effective  ways, this will reduce pressure on fresh water resources such as rivers, streams and aquifers. Desalination turns salty sea water into drinkable fresh waters.

Planting more trees to curb the ever increasing threats of droughts and famine, as the old saying goes, trees bring rain, they act as rain catchers, the more trees we have the more rainfall there will be.


Lets all Conserve Water, because without it there can be no life!

The Above Text contains an excerpt from the book named”Sweep Thy Planet”



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