The Migrant Crisis Across the Globe has exposed the vulnerability of many Powerful Nations

The Migrant Crisis Across the Globe has exposed the vulnerability of many Powerful Nations

The modern day migrant crisis has cast a new light on the Vulnerability of Nations, Problems in one Country can very easily spill over across the border and affect the residents of the neighboring countries, problems easily cross the fence and multiply on the other side of the border.


Having to take care of desperate refugees is a challenge every government around the world tries to avoid, it exerts heavy burdens on governments that are already struggling to keep their economies afloat, the sight of seeing refugees pouring in torrents from across the border is a kind of  nightmare.


There are many countries right now that are hosting thousands, tens of thousands and even millions of refugees from their neighbors, many hardly ever get criticism, the ones that get the most criticism are those Nations found in the Western Hemisphere, the so called “Western World.” People watch keenly the way they welcome, handle or treat refugees and other asylum seekers. A single Case of mistreatment of a migrant can easily travel across the globe in a matter of seconds, and you will be finding people discussing it on every corner of the planet. This is due to the fact that Nations of the Western World have Originally presented themselves as champions of, “Human Rights.”  A single incident can easily create a huge scandal, that will have huge negative repercussions. We are talking about the Nations of Western Europe and North America.


Refugees flow into these nations with the expectations of finding peace and prosperity, they expect to be welcomed with open arms  and treated with love and kindness, they expect to be provided with everything they need without any effort. But when they are turned back, its kind of shock to them, they face a barbed wire and some of them put in detention centers, it’s a truly shocking nightmare, they ask one another, “were we not told that this is the land of milk and honey? Why are we starving? Were we not told that this is the land of the FREE? Why are we rotting in Cages? Where are the rights, freedoms and Fraternity? We came here with lots of hopes, we thought that we would start life afresh here, instead what we faced was resistance from the moment we set foot on this land, none of these sweet talkers want us here in their country? We have faced the worst and unspeakable acts of discrimination, when we lie out in the opens vulnerable to the elements, yet some of them find the guts to come and insult us, they call us rats, pigs, cockroaches, pests, disease carriers and all kinds of horrible things, they spit at us, there is nothing we can do to ease our pains. Their governments send us back saying that their cities are full, they claim that they cannot feed everyone.”


Can’t they see that we are just running for our lives? all we want is a place to lay our heads and rest in peace, most of us here have lost most or all of their relatives, they have no home nor family to go back to. Please stop shutting doors on us,


As this turmoil unfolds on these Western Nations, their old foes in the East & far East then gloat at them saying… “Look at the so called nations of the free world, Look at the way they treat those that run to them to seek solace, they treat them more like animals rather than their fellow human beings, yet they have been referring to us as BRUTAL REGIMES, All along they have been wagging fingers at us at the United Nations lecturing us about Justice, Equality and the need to preserve human rights. If we are to ask them now, what rights do those poor refugees have? You tell us to do something, yet you go ahead and do the exact opposite? Shouldn’t you at least stand by your word?”


The governments of Western Nations get the most criticism from the other rulers of the world because of what they stand up for, people look at what they say they stand up for and what they are actually doing to asylum seekers  that look for sanctuary in their lands, then compare the two, and it’s a sharp contrast, they claim to fight for justice, Liberty  and fairness, yet the people that visit their lands are treated like hardcore criminals, everyone, men, women and children are locked up in cages like birds and fed food that is not even fit for pigs,


Most of those people are fleeing brutal civil wars and insecurity in their home countries, won’t you show them at least some pity? they have nowhere else to go, the only choice they have in their home countries is death, yes you heard me, there is nothing for them there, only death. if you see someone fleeing their home country, running from a place they lived since childhood and risking their lives in doing so, then something terrible must be really happening back there at home, something must have turned their lives into a “living H***.” the deplorable inhumane conditions drive them on a do or die mission to preserve their lives.


Reagan used to tell the soviets, “get the F*** out of the Americas, Latin America is our backyard!” Oh really? You call it your backyard yet you are not willing to lift a finger to maw its lawn, you are not willing to lift a finger to prune it, and take good care of your compound. Some people say that even if the Soviets were thought to be a bit cruel, they at least were concerned about the welfare of their satellite states, even though they were many times poorer than their Western rivals, they at least tried to develop the countries they had influence over, they tried all their best to improve the living standards of the citizens of their satellite states even though they had very little resources, they were greatly concerned about the welfare of the ordinary civilians.


Their Western Rivals on the other hand had loads upon loads of Cash, yet they never gave a single thought about the welfare of the Peoples in their so called “sphere of influence,” they went about partying, drinking and enjoying their wealth without looking at the other side of the border. They cut themselves off and put a great barrier that prevented beggars from reaching their lavish homes,


Latinos say, “We often hear US Congressmen shout out loud in self praise at public places, they do so while they beat their chests repeatedly,”


They say to one another, “we are the greatest Nation on earth, No Nation in history has ever come even close to our might, Look at us, we are the mightiest of the Mighty,”


If you were so great and so mighty, what is this greatness for if it was not to protect the weak and the helpless? The traumatized, and desperate people that flee towards you to seek refuge, you treat them like animals, you chase them away like stray dogs, its so ironic that the strongest nation on earth is not willing to lift a single finger to protect a helpless child, its so ironic that the richest nation on earth is not willing to donate a single grain of wheat to the starving, its so ironic that the so called “Leader of the free world” locks up every unwelcome visitor to their shores in cages or throws them into dungeons,


In the land of the free, millions of people rot in cells.


The refugees that are being pursued by the state immigration officials run to the statue of liberty, they stand there at the foot of lady liberty crying their hearts out, they wail, “Oh lady liberty, please protect us from your harsh government, we only came here to find peace, not conflict, we are tired of running, our feet are sour, we are tired of hiding, we need to breathe a little bit of fresh air, please go to advocate for us at the halls of government, we have no home to return to,” they hug lady liberty, kiss her feet and put a crown of flowers over her head, they pray diligently that she will come to their aid at such a time of need. But lady liberty says nothing back, she does nothing,  all she can do is to give them her usual blank stare, lady liberty is cold and heartless, there is nothing she can do for these poor, worn out and desperate people now, if only she could tell them that,

The Above Text contains an excerpt from the book named”Mundi Politica”





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