The True Captain Versus the False Captain, The heart-wrenching Poems of Captain Job Seals.


The True Captain Versus the False Captain, The heart-wrenching Poems of Captain Job Seals.

Here are the poems of captain Job Seals, the one who sailed mighty ships across treacherous seas and anchored them safely on shores battered by violent storms, to all the sailors of the southern coasts, he says…


I am Captain Job son of Jeffry Seals,

I have crossed many oceans and visited many nations that border the seas.

There are many acclaimed captains, many of which are false only a few are true.


Here are the qualities of a good captain.


A true captain goes down with his ship. A false captain abandons his ship while his crew and passengers are still on board. When false captain sees signs of powerful storms approaching, he is the first to jump into a life boat and row away to safety.


A true captain always prepares for the worst, a false captain assumes everything will be okay all the time.


A true captain never asks his juniors to do things he cannot achieve himself, he takes the lead, a false captain sits behind a desk and demands his crew to do everything else for him.


A true captain stays out in the cold while his crew sleeps. A false captain picks the warmest of the cabins and goes to bed early.


A true captain is the first to show courage in times of trial and sails ahead of others in dangerous waves, a false captain hides behind juniors when terror strikes.


A true captain does much and says little, a false captain says everything and others do it.


True captains compete with no one else but themselves , they set up plans then police themselves to finish them, they set themselves goals then strive to do them better, much better. A false captain sees every well performing junior as a potential threat to his title.


A true captain keeps closest to him those that will not put fear and doubt into his heart., those that trust and believe in him, a false captain keeps closest to him those that are there only to entertain him, those that give him constructive criticism he keeps them far off for the fear they might steal the love of the crew from him.




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