Very Ridiculous and unrealistic expectations typical of many entrepreneurs. The weird wishes People Have About making Money and getting rich quick


Very Ridiculous and unrealistic expectations typical of many entrepreneurs. The weird wishes People Have About making Money and getting rich quick


Many people dream of seeing a day when they shall have full financial freedom, everyone dreams of making money and becoming a tycoon some day, but very few get to achieve that vision, but why is that so?

Many people have very absurd thoughts about earning  a fortune and getting rich in general. Here are some misconception the so called easy goers have about life.

Everyone can become a millionaire, in fact all peoples of the world are going to be billionaires some day, all you need to do is to find out that secret formula, that secret success recipe and you will have trillions of dollar bills raining on you from above


You can become rich in just a few weeks to a few months without doing any difficult work, when in reality, you have to wait for years before you can truly master any skill, most millionaires had to wait for many years even decades before their profits hit the roof, many of the business tycoons of the world had inherited a huge chunk of their wealth from their parents before adding on their own wit and taking their businesses to a whole new level. Those who start their businesses from scratch and make it to the top of the world are very  very few, Not unless you are a born genius who invents the next game changer staff, your ambitions should therefore stay moderate and realistic.


You can easily become rich by winning the lottery. There are a lot of folks who think that they should never work at all, they plan to quit their daily job, use the few bucks they get from their daily wages, spend it on some lottery tickets and then sit back hoping that one day they are going to win it big. Why work when you can win? When in reality less than one percent of those that buy lottery tickets ending up winning, and the vast majority of those participants end up empty handed. Moreover, ninety percent of those who win lottery end up spending or loosing all their winnings within their first or second year. Only determined and experienced entrepreneurs know how to manage their quickly earned riches. A lot of people don’t know how to manage money that comes to them that quickly.

Also, winning lottery exposes you to unwanted publicity, everyone, your family and debtors have seen you in the news holding that million dollar check, they all come to cash in and you can’t deny them their right, your entire little hometown has seen you receiving loads of cash, people close to you, family, friends, acquaintances and even total strangers begin to craft the most devious ways to extort money from you. Not forgetting the high risks of kidnappers, gangsters and all sorts of criminals your new lifestyle exposes you to.

There is also another category of nerdy folk who think they can get rich quickly by Playing shell game, They waste so much money by going to the Casinos and throwing them lots and lots of cash, hoping to gain much more from them in return. When their efforts fail, they turn to selling all their belongings.

I know of a guy, an old friend who has a gambling problem so much that he sold everything in his house, when I went to visit him one day, I was shocked to find out that there were no furniture in the house, I had to sit on the floor to take my drink, I later learnt that he had lost his furniture as a result of a painful gambling deal. Its so unfortunate. The guy talked about dealing with gambling addiction, he said that his gambling wasn’t bad as much as his dads was, his daddy, “as in his own words had serious gambling problems, to the point where it affected the members of his own family,” as he was growing up, he watched how his father’s addiction almost destroyed his own family, he claimed that at some point things went to the extremes, there was a day he remembers his father asking his mother and older sister to go and sleep with one of his creditors from the casinos as payment so that he didn’t have to sell the family home, and end up on the streets, you know things turned  really ugly and life at home was becoming really, really unbearable, “you can see that an apple never falls far from the tree,” he exclaimed, “you may call me bad, but my dad was way worse,”

Those who con others by robbing them of their hard earned cash should be given ten years of hard time, if they knew what pain and suffering they were inflicting on others, they wont be engaging in those mischievous acts in the first place.

There is a movement that is letting people think that its easier to make money online than offline, at times with very little effort put in, to be honest with everyone, its three times harder to make a killing online than you would have by simply finding a job in the neighborhood, online businesses are difficult to create and time consuming just as much as those offline do, even though the internet may expose you  to a wider market potential, setting things up is just as difficult, patience is also key, you just have to wait like any other brick and mortar store does.

Whenever you come across any youngster, you tell them that they should pull up their socks and stop daydreaming, praying for manna to fall down from heaven. things don’t happen that way in our modern world.

The Above Text contains an excerpt from the book named”Dazzling Riches”




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