Your Silence is my freedom

It’s heart-breaking to see how many people especially youngsters engage in dangerous activities in the name of “exercising freedom,” watch your mouth they’d tell you, concern yourself with your own affairs, this is ma-life, and mine alone. No one should poke their noses into it.” “But you are risking your own safety, you are taking a lethal detour, I guess you were much safer in your so called prison of home. can’t you see you are causing yourself more harm than good? Please fold back, would you please stop it?” When they utterly refuse to listen and go on with their mischievous adventures, you have no choice but to let go, then later on they get into hot water and run back crying and condemning you, “why did you let this happen to me”. They ask, “I warned you but you refused to pay me any attention, so I had no choice but to let you go.” “But at least you should have tried to hold me back, I wouldn’t be carrying these bruises all over my body,” they remark bitterly.

How could you help such a person whom at one moment he was attacking you for getting into his way and the next minute he’s condemning you for letting him go.




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